Evo Expo offers a large range of pop up exhibition structures for hire or purchase. Not only do the look architecturally beautiful but have many benefits over traditional structures - Rapid Install and De-rig time - Easy to transport - Huge insulation properties for both noise and temperature - Complete clear and open plan spaces.

The larger in the range a great spaces for temporary seminar theatres. whilst the smaller 6-meter and 8-meter domes provide space for temporary meeting rooms and break-out areas.

All of our domes can be joined using our range of tunnels giving you multiple options and areas for different purposes. To complement your space Evo Expo offers a range of pods and walls that can be used as break-out areas. When lit these temporary meeting rooms really do look superb.

In these rapidly changing and challenging times, Evo Expo provides opportunities for innovation and the potential to be noticed ahead of the competition with our outstanding inflatable exhibition structures.

The range of temporary structures uses a part sealed and part flowing air system which uses several fans to maintain pressure. An important requirement was for the development of a new, quiet fan system. The fan system needed to be perfect for presentations, talks and seminars where absolute silence is required. With the new silent-fan technology installed, ambient noise within the structures is cut down to just 15dB. The results are astonishing and exactly what the market was looking for.


6 Meter Dome

8 meter inflatable dome

8 Meter Dome

10 meter inflatable dome

10 Meter Dome

14 meter inflatable dome

14 Meter Dome

20 meter inflatable dome

20 Meter Dome

24 meter inflatable dome

24 Meter Dome


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